Tenerife for Water Sports and Diving lovers

Especially from April to the end of October Tenerife is really a dream destination for water sports lovers and, if you’re one of them, Tenerife offers you a lot of things to do. The Canary Islands are subject to the trade winds of the North – Northeast, which blow from moderate to strong and with remarkable regularity. These dominant winds reach higher speeds in summer due to the Azores anticyclone.

For both advanced sailors and beginners who start in this spectacular sport, Tenerife offers different Wind Surf schools, guaranteeing the wind sailing in any season. Among the different areas of the island, the beaches of El Médano, El Cabezo and Jaquita stand out for their incredible conditions for the practice of Wind Surf. The first one is suitable for athletes of the medium-high level, being the others more suitable for athletes with a higher level. There have been several Grand Slam events qualifying for the World Cup in the disciplines of “waves”, “slalom” and “course race”.  The strength of the wind (Beaufort scale) varies between 4 to 8 in La Jaquita, 4 to 7 in El Cabezo and 3 to 5 in El Médano.

At the same time along the coast from Las Galletas through Plam Mar, Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Costa Adeje, Los Gigantes and till the Punta de Teno there are quite calm waters suitable to practice a wide range of different water sports for everybody – Diving, Snorkelling, Jet Ski, Parascending, Sea Kayaks, Fast Boat rides and more.


If you like diving, in Tenerife you can enter in its waters and discover a great variety of marine flora and fauna.

The island has several diving schools scattered along its coast and there are a large number of diving points that you can know. Among the most recognized and recommended sites are the following:

North zone of the island:

  • Punta de Teno.
  • Garachico.

South zone of the island:

  • Playa Paraiso.
  • Palm Mar area.
  • El Médano.
  • Marine reserve in Playa de Montaña Amarilla.
  • Costa Radazul and Tabaiba.


Do you like to discover new things and places,  did you thought what’s the hidden world under the ocean and you’re going to Tenerife? If you never seemed to have the time or the possibility or probably even felt a bit unsure or nervous? You’re going to a right place now!  If you are not experienced – the good solution will be to take a Try Dive course – diving for beginners with Tenerife Host –  you will complete your Try Diving experience in one of the most beautiful diving sites in Canary Islands, in the waters along Malpais de La Rasca by Palm Mar town on the South of Tenerife island – this is one of the best locations for diving in Canary Islands.

Your instructor will begin by explaining you the equipment, the rules, basic diving concepts related to health and safety. Just in front of the ocean, you will then jump into the pool and do a short series of simple diving skills. Your qualified Instructor will then take you to the sea for the first real dive in your life to discover incredibly beautiful and so different underwater world. The first time you breathe underwater is an experience to remember – and you will be surprised by just how much fun it is.

A Try Dive will help you save your time and money by discovering out if you like diving and want to continue this experience in the future.


Another exciting experience in Tenerife is beautiful and exciting 2 hours long Fast & Furious Safari by jet ski along the natural reserve coast, cliffs, visiting cave and fish farms in the open ocean. No doubts – Fast & Furious Safari by jet bikes is definitely one of the best activities you can do in Tenerife!

If you feel the need to refuel in the sun, here is an exciting new experience to try taking a jet bike tour along the sunny shore of Southern Tenerife! Apart from fun with the jet-ski, you will discover a natural virgin site where nature still owns all rights. In a group of 4-6 jet ski bikes, you will follow fast lead boat with monitor and instructor taking care of your safety.

You start in the small and cozy harbor of Las Galletas and go toward the west passing Punta Salema – southernmost point of the island, the volcanic coast of natural reserve Malpais de La Rasca between Las Galletas and Palm Mar.  You will also enter the cave in the cliffs between Palm Mar and Los Cristianos and then pass by fish farms in the open ocean where you have high chances to see dolphins right by you.

Then we go along the southern coast passing Palm Mar, Los Cristianos and Las Americas to the La Caleta beach where we’ll do short stop for swimming and snorkeling.

And finally, if you are not that brave and fast 🙂 you can take a Snorkeling tour in Tenerife to admire slowly and safely beautiful life under the surface of the ocean.

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