Why better to book a Private Tour in Tenerife?

If you decided to see the island, you have 2 choices:

  • Book relatively cheaper coach sightseeing tour and go with a group of 40-50 other people


  • Book Private Sightseeing tour just for you and your family or friends with local private guide and private car.

Now, let’s compare the our the most popular tours for a usual family of 3 people.

With the coach sightseeing tour to see almost whole the island you will need to book 2 different tours and do the tours in 2 different days. One of them is “Teide, Garachico, Masca” Bus sightseeing tour and another one is “Two Capitals & Anaga” bus sightseeing tour. Each tour will cost you at least 35€, so it will be 70€ per person and 210€ per 3 people.

The same things and even more you can see in one our the most popular Private VIP ToursGrand Tour Tenerife in one day by luxury limousine with personal guide-driver and it will cost you some two times more expensive – 449€ per 3 people or 149,67€ per person.

So, the conclusion is that sightseeing by coach is two times cheaper, but it will take at least two times more time and private tour is naturally two times more expensive, but you can save one day and explore island in luxury conditions and finally get much more pleasant experience.

Let’s compare now key moments, which are important for any tour anywhere you go:


Coach Sightseeing Tour: big bus with some 40-50 people inside and usual bus seats. You will be sitting 2 days ofter by someone you don’t know and you’re lucky, if you’ve got a seat closer to the bus guide. It could be okay, if save

Private Sightseeing Tour: Tenerife Host offers private tours in a luxury fully equipped limousine with separate climate zone for every passenger and luxury comfortable leather seats. And there are only you and your personal local guide – driver in the car.



Coach Sightseeing Tour: usually coach guide repeats the same information at least in 4 languages and there is no possibility to ask questions about subjects or facts which could be interesting personally for you. That means you will listen the only guide’s monolog in 4 languages about the same facts. Okay, it is not bad idea, if you want to learn a bit other languages 🙂

Private Sightseeing Tour: the guide speaks in your language with you only and ready to answer any your questions about the island of Tenerife, other Canary islands and about the life and other facts here. The guide is local, living here, loving his work and island and finally you will get complete information and even much more. At the end you often will get a new friend in Tenerife which will help you next time you will visit the island.



Coach Sightseeing Tour: you have very limited numbers of stops and all of them are at the crowd most popular and often too commercial points where the bus can park. A usual photo-stop will take at least 15-20 minutes, because 50 people have to go from the bus and then have to come back, you will be waiting for the best position to make photo, etc… You can imagine.

Private Sightseeing Tour: first of all you will see much more, will be taken to hidden places which can’t be visited by bus or big groups and will have much more stops, anywhere the guide suggest and where you want. You can stay in one place as long as you want and nobody will tell you “Quickly, please”. That’s the difference. The car and the your private guide are for you and only for you.



Coach Sightseeing Tour: you will be taken to a restaurant which is paying commission for a tour agency for bringing big number of people. The food will be standard, cheapest possible and already prepared at the morning, waiting for you, to be served for a big group quickly. You can’t choose restaurant, you can’t choose dishes… Okay, at least it will be eatable and you would not feel too hungry 🙂

Private Sightseeing Tour: during your private tour in Tenerife or La Gomera, if you ask your private guide to stop for a lunch, dinner or just to make a coffee stop, the guide can suggest you places up to your tastes or will bring you to some special place, you will have the best food, prepared especially for you and you will choose the dishes, guide can just suggest, for example, if you are interested to try local dishes and drinks.

Finally, you can decide by yourself, if it worthy to pay two or more times more for a private tour. At least now you know you can’t compare a coach sightseeing tour with a private tour in Tenerife, because these are two completely different styles of exploring of Tenerife, La Gomera, as well as any other island or place.