What the difference between Loro Parque in Tenerife and a usual zoo?

Loro Parque in Tenerife is nr 1 zoo in Europe and nr 2 in the world. Naturally this is one of the Must Do things in Tenerife.

Despite of the fact many people don’t like to see animals in a zoo, thinking they’re  kept there as in a prison, it is not so simple and not everyone know that some animals simply have no chances to survive in their natural environment for different reasons. Some of them simply adopted from a commercial show or a circus, because they are too old to work there. Others were refused and left for different reasons by their social groups, some were found very injured and they can survive just with humans help. So, you have to realise – most of animals in Loro Parque have own sad story in the past and in Loro Parque they found the only place they can live. Therefore the point of view “I would not visit an animal’s prison” have some reasons, but it would be not fairly to say so about Loro Parque.

The Loro Parque have saved some species on our planet and Loro Parque had created LORO PARQUE FOUNDATION which operates internationally to conserve threatened species and their habitats, through education, applied research, responsible breeding programmes, and community-based conservation activities that use these species as ambassadors for nature.

These flagship species are parrots on land and cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in the oceans. These animals have interesting behaviours, bright colours, and other characteristics which easily attract the attention of people, making them effective emblems to increase support for environmental protection.

Action for conservation of threatened species needs time to become effective, involving many stakeholders, not least the communities of people living in the same places. With these communities it is crucial to find solutions to conflicts, so that ultimately they assume responsibility for a natural heritage which at the same time belongs to them, and to all of us.

Some tourist are saying that official souvenirs are too expensive in Loro Parque, but most of them even don’t know that ALL, literally ALL THE MONEY from souvenirs with Loro Parque logo are going on account of Loro Parque Foundation, which protecting animals around whole the world and saving their populations in wildlife.

I’m sure, after you know the facts and will see conditions animals are living in, you’d never say Loro Parque is a prison. Yes, it is commercial organisation, but they do their job with love and extremely high feeling of responsibility for adopted animals.

Loro Parque is just simply different and it could be one of not so many examples in the world how a zoo should treat animals.

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