Tenerife for backpackers

Tenerife is no 19 on the list of cheapest travel destinations in Europe for backpackers. Many people think Canary Islands is very expensive travel destination, but is is not correct at all, because here you can find something for everybody. Surely, traveling as a backpacker, you’re going to live in a hostel and not in a 5-stars resort and rent a bike to discover the island and not a luxury car.

Tenerife is nr 19 on the list of cheapest destinations in Europe for backpackers
Cheapest destinations in Europe for backpackers.

Source: http://simplyholidaydeals.co.uk/travel-blog/discover-the-cheapest-destinations-in-europe-for-your-next-holiday-infographic/

This is just illustration how you can plan your holiday even with limited budget. And, if you will decide to come to Tenerife, you’re always welcome to visit our office and we will help you to choose the best things to do up to your interests and budget. To find Tenerife Host office just write  Tenerife Host Excursions in Google Map or simply book online at www.TenerifeHost.com